Conference Speakers

Keynote Speaker:

Maiken Umbach, Professor and Chair of History, University of Nottingham
Maiken Umbach holds the Chair of Modern History at the University of Nottingham, UK, where she also serves as Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Research in the Arts. She has published widely on the sense of place, regionalism and territoriality in German and comparative European history, and is particularly interested in the use of visual and material culture as historical evidence. Books include “Heimat, Region and Empire: Spatial Identities in National Socialist Germany” (with C Szejnmann); “German Cities and Bourgeois Modernism, 1890-1924” (2009); “Vernacular Modernism: Heimat, Globalization and the Built Environment” (with B Huppauf, 2005); “German Federalism: Past, Present, Future” (2002); “Federalism and Enlightenment, 1740-1806” (2000). She was senior editor of the journal “German History” from 2006-2012, and she is currently working on a large research project on amateur photography in the Third Reich, and a short book on the concept of authenticity.


Jeremy Best, Iowa State University (
“Through a Glass, Darkly: Religious Configurations of Germanness”

Emily Bruce, University of Minnesota ( and Mary Jo Maynes, University of Minnesota (
“Margins and centers – German history in the ‘age of revolutions’ (or, was it the Sattelzeit?)”

Tyler Carrington, Cornell College (
“News from the Heimat(s): Iowa-German Daily Newspapers at the turn of the century”

Winson Chu, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (
“Making Germans in the Ghetto: Polish and Volksdeutsche Criminal Police Biographies in Łódź/Litzmannstadt, 1940-1944”

David Ciarlo, University of Colorado (
“The Archive and the Image: Historical Reflection vis-a-vis Common Observation”

Matt Conn, Michigan State University (
“Routes in German History”

Andrew Denning, University of Kansas (
“The Rooted and the Rootless: Mobility and Place in German History”

Alison Efford, Marquette University (
“German Americans in German History”

Sean A. Forner, Michigan State University (
“Intellectual History, Ideengeschichte, and the New Materialism”

Michael Geyer, University of Chicago (
“The Bratus: How German are They?”

Alice Goff, University of Michigan (
“The Archive in the Material Turn”

Glen Goodman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (
“Brand Deutschland: the business of politics surrounding ethnic Germans”

Marion Gray, Western Michigan University (
“Three-Field Agriculture as an Epoch of German History”

William Glenn Gray, Purdue University (
“Germanness as a State of Mind: Cultural Mentalities in Global Capitalism”

Kristin Kopp, University of Missouri (
“Who is part of German History?”

Erik Jensen, Miami University of Ohio (
“Locating the Weimar Republic in Four Dimensions”

Marti Lybeck, University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse (
“Defined by Love: Feeling for the Volk”

Chris Molnar, University of Michigan at Flint (
“The Strange Return of the Trümmerfrauen: Memory of the War and the Forced Return of Bosnian Muslim War Refugees in the New Germany”

James Palmitessa, Western Michigan University (
“Legacies from the Holy Roman Empire and ‘Entangled’ Early Modern Histories”

Annemarie Sammartino, Oberlin College (
“Defining Umsiedler: East Germans and the Limits of Assimilation”

Patricia Simpson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (
“Tentative title: Provincial Anxieties: Germans Without Borders?”

Jake Smith, University of Chicago (
“Deutschland verrecke? Punks and Outcasts as Unwilling Participants in German History”

Lauren Stokes, Northwestern University (
“Teaching German History in a Global Age: Can Pedagogy be Methodology?”

Emma Thomas, University of Michigan (
Colonial Subjects as Part of German History

Jonathan Wiesen, Southern Illinois University (
“African Americans and Germans: Reflections on Transnational Racism”

Lisa Zwicker, Indiana University, South Bend (
“Doing Digital History & Tracing the Trajectories of Women of Jewish Descent in Germanspeaking Central Europe: Selecting ‘German’ Subjects Among Accomplished Central European Women of Jewish Descent”