Publications & Bibliography

The collection below includes publications that have grown out of the “German Iowa” project, followed by a list of primary and secondary print sources on German immigration to Iowa. Links lead to online editions or pdf files of the original publications when available. For press coverage of our project, please see the Media Coverage section of our site.

GIGM-Related Publications

  • Glenn Ehrstine and Lucas Gibbs, “Iowa’s Prohibition Plague: Joseph Eiboeck’s Account of the Battle over Prohibition, 1846-1900,” Annals of Iowa 78 (2019): 1-74.
  • Walter Kamphoefner, “The Quest of the Historical Jürnjakob: A Centennial Evaluation of an Immigrant Novel and the Real-Life Figure Behind It,” Yearbook of German-American Studies 51 (2016): 1-23.
  • Maiken Umbach and Scott Sulzener, Photography, Migration, and Identity: A German-Jewish-American Story, Palgrave Studies in Migration History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).


Primary Sources for German Immigration to Iowa


Select Bibliography on German Immigration to Iowa and Related Topics