Publications & Bibliography

The collection below includes publications that have grown out of the “German Iowa” project, followed by a list of primary and secondary print sources on German immigration to Iowa. For press coverage of our project, please see the Media Coverage section of our site.

GIGM-Related Publications

  • Glenn Ehrstine and Lucas Gibbs, “Iowa’s Prohibition Plague: Joseph Eiboeck’s Account of the Battle over Prohibition, 1846-1900,” Annals of Iowa 78 (2019): [forthcoming].
  • Walter Kamphoefner, “The Quest of the Historical Jürnjakob: A Centennial Evaluation of an Immigrant Novel and the Real-Life Figure Behind It,” Yearbook of German-American Studies 51 (2016): 1-23.


Primary Sources for German Immigration to Iowa

  • Joseph Eiboeck, Die Deutschen von Iowa und deren Errungenschaften (Des Moines, 1900)
  • Iowa, die Heimat für Einwanderer (Des Moines, 1870)
  • Iowa, die Heimat für Einwanderer, revised edition (Keokuk, 1873)
  • August P. Richter, Geschichte der Stadt Davenport und des County Scott (Davenport, 1917)